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Guides you through Right to Rent checks.

Helps landlords to comply with the immigration law

Your guide through Right to Rent checks

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You need to know


From February 2016 all UK landlords and letting agents are required to check immigration status of perspective tenants before they can let the property to them. Currently this only applies to properties in test area in Midlands. If not compliant, landlords risk to be fined up to £3,000 per tenant and up to 5 years in prison for repeated offences. Read more at government website and Citizens Advice website. To be sure that landlords are compliant with law, they need to follow the Obtain-Check-Retain steps:

Obtain documents,
Check in the presence of the documents owner,
Retain copies with date stamps.

Important: to be protected it is not enough just to check the documents of the tenant, but landlord needs to keep paperwork secure and accessible in a controlled way.
R2R app takes landlords step by step through the process of immigration status checks, shows how documents should look like and checkpoints for each one to detect basic ID fraud. App provides with instant result, scans documents, applies unchangeble date stamps to copies, keeps records of tenants checked and their documents in one place in correct format to provide landlords with evidence of their diligence and fair treatment of tenants. It keeps landlords records in order and provides with the best defence against any claims of negligence and unfair discriminatin towards tenants.







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    OBTAIN: R2R guides through documents selection.

    No need to request checks through agencies or websites. All can be done as soon as you need it.

  • {2}

    CHECK: R2R gives tips how to check documents.

    No need to be an expert on ID documents fraud, simply follow R2R app step by step document assesment.

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    RETAIN: R2R scans, adds data stamps and archives documents

    It is a legal requirement for landlords to keep copies of the documents up to 12 months after tenancy expires

It is not all about profits...


When many people have no other choice than to rent, R2R helps landlords to be fair and ethical…

  • R2R reduces costs of letting in average £90 per tenant
  • R2R helps to avoid unnecessary rent increase for tenants
  • R2R provides with an evidence that landlord was diligent and met government's requirements when carrying out Right To Rent checks
  • R2R provides with an evidence that landlord did not discriminate perspective tenants on the basis of nationality or race

How does R2R work?

  • It walks you through documents selection and shows how each document looks like
  • It tells you what to look for to recognise basic fraud
  • It scans documents and adds data stamps, getting copies ready to be archived
  • It captures perspective tenant’s signature when you need their consent for checks
  • It keeps all documents in one place easy to find later
  • It exports documents to print, email and secure storage

R2R for iOS is at Appstore!

full of great features

  • simple design
  • no need of constant access to internet
  • regularly updated legislation
  • your data on secure servers not cloud


No complicated tariffs. Pay as you need it. App is free to download. Get more details on Right To Rent for free, pay £4.99 per tenant check..


  • It turns a complicated bureaucratic process into a simple walk through…
  • It works without internet and can be used on the go (when viewing the property etc)
  • It is simple and you do not need training..
R2R APP is different,


  • It scans your documents, you are forever free from office, scanners and folders
  • it date stamps documents and archives them smart and in one place, so you can easy find anything you need.